Sorry About the Time Change

Contains the following: Doctor Who, Doctor/Master*, Torchwood, quotes, weird words, Gravity Falls and current events. Take note: bow ties, fezzes, Timey Wimey Detectors, clocks and British spelling of words are cool/swanky! {And Ten is my Doctor.} *May or may not be disconcerting to some. Tsk? Follow at own risk.
Mar 16 '13

I’m in a Babbling Mood

As  result of being in a babbling mood..I’m going to type a bunch of stuff that one can choose to read or not. Actually either way one could do that cos it’s not like I could stop someone and tell that person to read this post. Anywho….

Blimey due to this babbling mood, I almost want to do one of those post that’s like “Ask me anything I’m bored”. <—-Yet I don’t want to do that cos umm…I’d feel obligated to actually answer. Ahah!

Torchwood, how do people make friends on this doo-hinky? It seems so prying to always comment and “like” stuff, since well this isn’t Facebook. Ahah, it’s strange though it’s as if I don’t want to mention other social networking sites on competing sites. Yet it’s not like the two are secrets kept from one another.

Despite what I just previously typed, I do usually comment on others’ (that I know) posts. Ahah and sometimes I comment on other posts to see if the person notices/as an attempt to be friendly. Ahah..I suppose I’m too shy in trying to make friends via the Internet, since well it’s the Internet. It’s great, big and vast. And I don’t want to appear creeper-y or prying. What is with me and words that have “y” in them?!

Along with that note, is proper to thank people for following? I think it is, but then it seems umm..pompous at the same time. Oooh and does it make sense to always “like” the posts that say “like or reblog if you post the following….”? Cos I use to “like” those posts if they list one thing I post, but now I only like them if they have at least two items.

Oooh now it’s 14 days til Doctor Who returns! (I typed that so now if one read all of this, it will seem worth it. Ahah.)

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