Sorry About the Time Change

Contains the following: Doctor Who, Doctor/Master*, Torchwood, quotes, weird words, Gravity Falls and current events. Take note: bow ties, fezzes, Timey Wimey Detectors, clocks and British spelling of words are cool/swanky! {And Ten is my Doctor.} *May or may not be disconcerting to some. Tsk? Follow at own risk.
Sep 25 '14

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Sep 25 '14

Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least maybe 10 followers.  

^That’s too many. I put only ones that I thought would really be interested.

I was tagged by Dysfunctionaladventures.

URL:  21st-century-time-traveller

Name: “Teresa Rosewood-Saxon”

Nickname: Romana or whatever DW-related name that suits the occasion

Birthday: June

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I don’t categorise myself in one. 

Height: 4’ 10”

Time Zone:  GMT-5

What time and date is it there: I thought the previous thing answered this?  11:20pm 9/25/14

Average hours of sleep I get each night:  5-6 maybe.

The last thing I Googled was: doctor who 10th doctor action figure

My most used phrase(s): Brilliant, Swanky, I like it, Hurrah, Omnishambles, Oi, Yay, Any who, Grand

First word that comes to mind: Pickle barrel

What I last said to a family member:  Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.

One place that makes me happy & why:  Home cos it’s important to remember the place one’s from.

How many blankets I sleep under:  What’s this question have to do with anything? Any who, part of comforter and a TARDIS blanket.

Favorite beverage(s):  Tea (Earl Grey, black, English Breakfast, cinnamon) coffee with oodles of creamer and sugar, pink lemonade

The last movie I watched in the cinema:  DW Series 8  Premiere: Deep Breath

Three things I can’t live without:  Salem the cat, news, pocket watch/timepiece

Something I plan on learning: How to eventually be a qualified journalist so the BBC will hire me. Or something as simple as um…hrm…probably how to tie a tie.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Hrm….I don’t know? Do people actually read this? Any who, um…be aware of the world around oneself on any scale. No matter how insignificant an event elsewhere may be it could affect you. Vice versa, one’s actions create consequences that matter to others.

You all have to listen to these songs:

Daylight-Matt & Kim

Fall Into Place-Apartment

After Hours-We Are Scientists

Home-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Closing Time-Semisonic

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Sep 25 '14

Suddenly realized around midnight that I hadn’t drawn any Twelve at all, so I had to fix it. It started as a simple sketch but I got carried away, and now it has a bit of a spooky feeling. Guess Halloween’s coming early ;)


Suddenly realized around midnight that I hadn’t drawn any Twelve at all, so I had to fix it. It started as a simple sketch but I got carried away, and now it has a bit of a spooky feeling. Guess Halloween’s coming early ;)

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Sep 25 '14

Come on then, Team Not Dead!

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Sep 25 '14


twelve/clara snapchat, part I:

twelve learning (or not) what a front camera is

based on this

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Sep 25 '14

Team not dead anyone?


Team not dead anyone?

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Sep 25 '14



Graham’s back and it’s his Sweet 16!

Next on Graham’s sofa: Denzel Washington, Gemma Arterton and Peter Capaldi.

The premiere of the 16th season of The Graham Norton Show airs Saturday, October 4th at 11/10c on bbcamerica.

Look who’s going to be on the Graham Norton show next week!

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Sep 25 '14

8th Doctor Pandorica Speech|Cinci Comic Expo 2014

This is one of the parts of the panel that I recorded. Paul McGann does his Doctor’s version of  Pandorica Speech from  The Big Bang/The Pandorica Opens.

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Sep 25 '14

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 I met Paul McGann at the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

 It was my first time meeting a DW actor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve seen posts where others talk about how great it was to meet the actors and so on. It wasn’t until after meeting him and attending his panel that I knew what other fans meant. 

He was very nice! I had one of my magazines signed! He complemented my TARDIS blue purse and even kissed the top of my head! (Ahah, it’s amazing that I didn’t faint or do some other embarrassing thing.)

Mr. McGann was so friendly to everyone at the convention. It was so grand to know how enthused he was about the event and even just visiting the city! I’m still in disbelief that I actually met him. I look forward to future opportunities to meet other DW actors since this experience was brilliant! 

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Sep 25 '14

The 5th Cincinnati Comic Expo was grand! I’m already looking forward to next year’s!

Hrm…hopefully I’ll take more photos of it, rather than of outside and flag poles. Ahah.

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Sep 25 '14

As I mentioned a while ago, I planned on going to the Time Traveller’s Ball and 5th Cincinnati Comic Expo!

So here’s a few photos from the ball last Saturday night. The event was brilliantly organised by The Pandora Society.!

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